If you’ve being following our blog recently, you know that we have been paying special attention to the behaviors of statement takers.  (If you missed them, you can read them here and here and here.)  That’s because we’ve been working very hard on a new service aimed at bringing out the best in recorded statement taking, and we’re now ready to unveil it.

ACS is proud to present our Recorded Statement Training service, which is now available to new and existing clients.  This service consists of over 25 videos, multiple assessment tests, and useful tools, such as ACS’s very own formatted guides.  Its purpose is to provide you a full onboarding solution for statement-taking, plus a valuable ongoing resource, with very little resource or manpower overhead.

We built this training service on a simple premise: not all recorded statements are created equal, and statements where the best practices are followed provide a considerable cost benefit for their company.  With the insights afforded by our digital recording, transcription, and after-hours statement services, we are uniquely positioned to share what works, and what doesn’t, across company lines.

Poor listening, missing details, ignored fraud indicators, and incomplete treatment and injury details cost your company money.  On the other hand, adjusters who are trained in statement taking practices take complete statements in less time, with less frustration, and potentially even build your brand.  If you’d like to see more from your statement takers, please reach out via [email protected] for full details about the service.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for more information related to this service coming soon!

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